How can my attorney get a copy of the billing record?

Intermedix on behalf of the City of Danbury EMS utilizes the services of Healthport for all attorney requests for billing records. Due to the ever evolving changes within the HIPAA laws, privacy of our patient's information is our first priority. Healthport insures that only people that you have authorized can gain access to your records.

The following is a link to their website where you can request billing records information via fax or set up access through their portal and receive ambulance billing information securely.

  • Request via Portal
  • Request Via Fax: 305-521-0773

Should you encounter any issues, please contact Healthport's Customer Care directly at: 800-367-1500.

Note: Please be advised that there may be a nominal charge for ambulance billing records. You will be provided this charge prior to finalization of your records request.

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