How do Recycling Trucks work?

The City of Danbury is proud to offer residents the opportunity to dispose of their recyclables at our recycling truck; which is located at a different location each day of the week from 10 am to 2 pm. Residents may dispose of such items as glass, plastics 1 and 2, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, and phone books free of charge. If you arrive at a designated location during the allotted time and the truck is not there it may be because: 1) The truck is full and the driver had to leave, or, 2) The driver is on a separate route (as he is also a truck driver for the city). Please do not dispose of your materials there in the hopes that he will stop by and pick them up but please bring them home and return on a different day. 

The schedule of places is:

  • Monday: War Memorial Parking Lot (Rogers Park)
  • Tuesday: 100 Aunt Hack Road (Richter Park)
  • Wednesday: 35 Hayestown Road (the PAL Building)
  • Thursday: 171 S King Street (the volunteer fire house)
  • Friday: 65 Mill Plain Road (the green)

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