Where do I go to vote?

Find your street in the Street Listings for Voter Locations (PDF) for your voting district. The first 3 digits below the D/P column (001-007) represent your voting ward.

Voting Wards and Polling Locations:

  • 001 - Danbury High School Gym
  • 002 - Pembroke School Gym
  • 003 - Stadley Rough School Gym
  • 004 - Shelter Rock School Gym
  • 005 - Danbury War Memorial
  • 006 - Park Avenue School Gym
  • 007 - Westside Middle School Academy

If you are still unsure, please contact the Registrar of Voters or use the Voter Registration Lookup. Enter your town, name, and date of birth, to find your polling location address.

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