What constitutes a housing code violation?

Any deterioration of the property that could be enforced under City Municipal Code (Interior and Exterior as well as public nuisance.)

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1. Who should we contact if the vacant building next door has tall grass?
2. I rent my apartment and I have no heat or hot water. What should I do?
3. I’m a landlord, why do I need a certificate of apartment occupancy?
4. Who should apply for a certificate of apartment occupancy?
5. Do I need screens on my windows?
6. What constitutes a housing code violation?
7. Who will be held responsible for violations?
8. How many people can occupy a room for sleeping purposes?
9. Are bars on windows mandatory?
10. Do I need a license to run a rooming house?
11. What determines a rooming house / hotel?
12. How much time do I have to comply?
13. Can I appeal a notice of violation?
14. Who is the responsible party required to maintain the exterior grounds?
15. How often should pest extermination be done?
16. Can I be taken to housing court for non-compliance?
17. Who is responsible to determine an emergency situation?
18. What will be the action taken in emergency situations?
19. Can a cellar be used for habitation?