Clean City Danbury Day 2023

Clean City Updated Flyer

SATURDAY, MAY 6th,  8AM - 12PM

Clean your home or property of debris and unwanted items! Dispose of them free of charge, at any of our five dumpster sites.  Bulk garbage dumping is limited to Danbury residents and residential property owners ONLY (proof is required).

Construction debris, grass clippings, yard debris, hazardous wastes, and electronics are NOT allowed. Also note that scrap metal, tires, and white appliances containing freon are allowed, but must be kept separate from other garbage. No commercial vehicles or box trucks will be allowed.

If electronics are what you need to get rid of, then you can drop them off at the Oak Ridge’s Mom & Pop Center at 307 White Street during Clean City Danbury Day.  This program is open to all residents of Danbury.  This event is made possible through the generosity of Oak Ridge Waste and Recycling, and the many volunteers who participate.

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View 2022 Clean City Danbury Day Video Below