Community Risk Reduction

The Officers of Community Risk Reduction are charged with educating the citizens and business entities of the City in methods of reducing injuries due to fire, scalding and fire code compliance. These officers comprise the Fire Marshal and six Deputy Fire Marshals. Annual visits are made to each Danbury school to present Fire Safety Programs to our very diverse school population. The presentations were made to over 12,000 students this year. The students bring the information about smoke detectors, escape plans and other safety tips into their homes. This fire safety education is vital in creating a fire safe community in Danbury.

This office is also responsible for the enforcement of many sections found in Chapter 541 of the Connecticut General Statutes, as well as numerous codes promulgated under the provision of these statutes. In the last year there were over 4,000 code enforcement inspections completed by the Fire Marshal's Office. They also investigate all citizen complaints, fires and explosions.

As the City and community evolve, the Fire Department will continue to train and educate our members to meet the demanding emergency response environment. The constant expanding use of our training facility by many regional departments is testimony of the successful efforts to work with these regional partners. Despite seemingly significant and constant fiscal pressures, we will maintain our current response model and we anticipate no reduction in service levels. The citizens of Danbury have a Fire Department that is equipped and prepared to fulfill our mission of preserving life and protecting property and the environment. Working together, the Mayor, City Council and the Department, Career and Volunteer, will meet the community's demand for excellence in fire education, prevention, suppression and rescue services.