Danbury Fire 2022 Firefighter of the Year

Congratulations to Danbury's Firefighter of the year, Jim Lillis!

Hired with DFD on July 8, 2004. FF Lillis has served in every Firefighter capacity in his tenure on A group. Jim is currently assigned as the driver of Squad 21. Jim is married to Robyn, and they are proud parents to two boys, Mikey and William. The Lillis family calls Bridgewater, CT home. As with many Bridgewater residents, Jim gives back to his home community by volunteering hundreds of hours each year at the Bridgewater Fair. Jim is an outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, making his own maple syrup and adult apple cider. In addition to his wife and kids, Jim has an extended four-legged family of two dogs and two goats. Jim has a formal education in Gunsmithing, and is a master gunsmith, meaning he can build a rifle from raw materials. Jim is also one of the few people who can troubleshoot and fix anything. For those who remember the TV show MacGyver, the character was actually base on Jim Lillis!