Pay Your Taxes

In order to create more expedient service for our taxpayers, the City of Danbury has expanded our payment centers and installed electronic payment options that make paying taxes easier and much more convenient. With our new user-friendly software, you can pay your property tax and water/sewer bills online. In addition to electronic payments, you can also pay your taxes at your local Union Savings Bank or Savings Bank of Danbury branch. 

Please note: Online Vendor Fees 

  • Effective 4-9-23:  Credit Card payments now have a 2.99% fee, with a minimum charge of $3.95
  • Credit Cards: Property tax 2.99%, water and sewer $5.95 per transaction maximum $500 per transaction. Echeck: $0.95 cents. You will receive an email confirmation following your payment.
  • Rejected payments due to incorrect information or insufficient funds will be charged a $20 non-sufficient fund fee.