Water Division

The Danbury Water Division (DWD) continues to focus on the core mission "To provide our customers with adequate quantities of high-quality water that meets or exceeds the standards established for the protection of Public Health, as well as provide sufficient fire flow for the protection of public and private property."

The DWD presently produces about 6.5 million gallons of water per day through daily management of a water supply system that consists of 8 reservoirs, 1 well site, 2 water treatment plants, 14 pump stations, 9 storage tanks, 200 miles of water pipe and 2,100 fire hydrants. Our water's quality is continually verified through 24 hour monitoring by water plant operators and through daily testing. About 27,000 water tests are performed annually to monitor water quality. Approximately 11,000 water service line meters are in place and are used to bill customers for water use. The current population of customers served by the DWD is approximately 65,000 people.

Annual inspection and routine maintenance of our 8 water supply dams continue to ensure that they remain in good condition. We actively work with the City Fire Department to ensure fire hydrants are annually tested and repaired and replaced as needed. Ongoing system improvements include piping and valve upgrades and the installation of a new emergency generator at the West Lake Water Treatment Plant (WTP), mixer control upgrades at the Margerie WTP, and completion of water main upgrades on Acre Drive and Mirijo Road.