Public Utilities

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The Public Utilities Division is responsible for operating and maintaining the City of Danbury's Water and Sanitary Sewer Divisions, water utility infrastructure, sanitary sewer infrastructure, which includes several large water supply dams, closed landfill, landfill gas collection system, and administering programs for recycling and disposal of solid waste. The Public Utilities Division is also responsible for maintaining the majority of the city's fleet of vehicles, and the entire fleet of Police Department patrol vehicles.

The Public Utilities Division oversees the contract operation of the city's Water Pollution Control Plant in accordance with the Wastewater Treatment Facility Service Agreement between the City of Danbury and Veolia Water North America. The Public Utilities Division also oversees the contract operation of a public yard waste management-processing center, located on Plumtrees Road, in accordance with the Agreement between the City of Danbury and Total Landscaping and Tree Service.

Public Utilities staffing presently consists of 41 positions, including the Superintendent. Division staffing consists of administrative and customer service personnel, water and sewer utility maintenance and construction personnel, water treatment personnel, water quality, and technical services personnel, and vehicle and equipment maintenance personnel.

Public Utilities is driven to achieve core missions within the Water Division, Sewer Division, and Recycling and Solid Waste Division.

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