Public Services

About Us

The Public Services Department provides a majority of the services, related to roads, sidewalks, parks, playgrounds and many other recreational facilities. This is accomplished through the administration and management of four Divisions of the Public Works Department: Highway Division, Parks Maintenance Division, Forestry Division, and Equipment Maintenance Division.

The Public Services Superintendent, Timothy P. Nolan, has a team of five experienced supervisors: General Foreman Thomas Janesky, Foreman Jose Sousa, Foreman Pasquale Archiere, and Foreman Nelson Lopes. Additionally, the administration is staffed with a Tree Warden and a Lead Park Maintainer.

During this very difficult pandemic year, Danbury Public Services remained at work as essential employees. We continued to provide the services described herein as well as worked with the State and Local Emergency Managers to provide temporary facilities, testing locations, and vaccination sites.

The 2020/2021 winter ice and snow season saw the Public Services Division continue to use salt only during storms. Our team worked to perfect the salt only use through professional awareness and equipment calibration and in-depth analysis of generated data. As a result, we continue to refine our ice and snow fighting to provide the most effective and efficient procedures.

In addition to our many service programs and while working together with other city Departments, Public Services focuses our attention on the detail of preparing our city for various public events throughout the year, such as parades, graduations, memorial services, ceremonies, races, seasonal lighting, and other special events.

The Public Services Department administers and employs a highly qualified and diverse professional workforce that works together to maintain the highest level of public safety. In 2020 we utilized Public Works professional development organizations such as The University of Connecticut Technology Transfer Center to have our employees trained in safety and updated on the latest Public Works methods and technologies. Our focus and commitment is to provide safe roads and recreation to the public at large so that the City of Danbury can continue to be safe and prosper.