Danbury is fortunate to have a wonderful mix of private and public educational institutions and is the 7th largest school district in the State. Danbury Public Schools has one comprehensive high school, which is the largest in the State; one alternative high school; 3 middle schools including one middle school magnet school; and 13 elementary schools including one elementary magnet school. More and more families are choosing Danbury because of our outstanding public schools.

There are 8 private and parochial elementary through high schools and 31 preschool and daycare facilities.

City Council and Board of Education Members have made a long-term commitment educationally and financially to have the best schools in Connecticut. All around the City improvements and additions to our public schools are being made to meet the growing enrollment.

New buildings have been erected at Western Connecticut State University campuses for housing, sports and academic learning centers, all in an effort to attract the best and brightest throughout the state, country and the world.

Danbury High SchoolThe Danbury School District is proud to provide the community and its children with a safe and caring educational environment. Committed to the intellectual and cultural development of our students, we offer not only a quality education but also challenge our students with a variety of academic, athletic and civic-minded opportunities. We believe in preparing our students for a bright future with a standard and enriched curriculum and the support of dedicated faculty, staff and Board of Education.

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