Veterans Affairs

About Us

The Director of Veterans Affairs is responsible for the knowledge of federal and state laws, benefits, and rights available to veterans and their dependents. The director interacts with local veterans to determine initial and continuing eligibility for benefits.

Information is then verified and evaluated through the involvement of the Connecticut Veterans Affairs Office and applications are prepared and filed with the appropriate local, state, or federal agencies.

Danbury's Veterans Affairs Office provides referrals and information. and answers inquiries regarding veterans' benefits, housing monetary support, psychological and medical assistance.

This office is a conduit for veterans to seek assistance with the preparation and filing of appeals of decisions denying benefits.


Since its inception, the Veterans Affairs Office has served over 10,000 veterans and family members of veterans.

This office is committed to continuing its efforts at securing grant funding for veterans. The director works in unison with Connecticut Veterans Affairs administrators and legislators to continue to obtain funding for agencies serving all of our area veterans.

The Disabled American Veterans Van, used for transporting local veterans, drove many veterans throughout the year to the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers at no cost to the city.

In addition, the office continues working with the medical clinic, the Connecticut Veterans Affairs Office and the Soldiers / Sailors / Marines Fund. All serve the needs of military veterans.

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