Lake Kenosia Commission


  • K.T. Shartouni, Chairman
  • Patricia McCarthy
  • Leslie Mae-Anne Ballard
  • Elaine Neuberger
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant


The Lake Kenosia Commission is dedicated to improve the quality of life for Danbury citizens by ensuring the long-term protection of Lake Kenosia as one of the City's important natural resources. The long-term preservation of the environmental quality of the lake aims to work at maintaining and improving its environmental integrity through pro-active environmental planning, sound environmental management, and public education. Hence, the mission of the Lake Kenosia Commission focuses on protecting this unique water body's multiple functions as a water supply, a recreational resource and an ecological habitat. The Lake Kenosia Commission was established to maintain and improve the quality of the lake. Each Member of the commission serves a 3 year term. The seven-member Commission is also responsible for establishing educational programs about the lake and its history.