About Us

The Danbury Municipal Airport sits on approximately 250 acres of property. The Aviation Commission, under the leadership of Chairman John Ashkar, along with Commissioners: Omasta, Oppermann, Tamburri, and Sredzinski oversee the standards for lease and/or use of the municipal airport, and the current and future planning of the field. The Commission also issues permits and works closely with the Airport Administrator.

Danbury Municipal Airport's mission is to provide a safe, secure, efficient, environmentally sensitive, and economically responsible, general aviation airport, while remaining responsive to the community's needs and requests.

Department Goals

The Goal of the Airport is to continue providing top quality services to the FBO's and aviation community, while being fiscally and environmentally cognizant of the community at large. To also remain one of the top 3 General Aviation airports in New England, in terms of operations.

Danbury Municipal Airport DBE Plan FFY 2024 - 2026

Fiscal Year 2021 to 2022 Accomplishments

    • Completed a $180,000 Grant to Study Approach Surfaces and Wind Data
    • Removal of obstructions (trees) from the runaway approaches.
    • Secured a grant to Design and Bid the rehabilitation of Taxiway Charlie.
    •  Updated the Air Traffic Control Tower video surveillance system.
    • Created newly needed Hangar Space.
    • Continued to streamline the Airport’s permit and lease process. 
    • Remained as one of the top five busiest General Aviation Airports in New England.

Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Goals

    • Break ground to rehabilitate Taxiway Charlie.
    • Start the process to secure a grant to rehabilitate Runway 17-35.
    • Secure a FAA Grant to update and replace the Airport’s lighting system
    • Secure a grant to remove needed obstructions from the runway approach surfaces.
    • Continue to be one of New England’s top five busiest airports.

Airport Master Plan

We have completed the federal grant to acquire a snow removal vehicle to plow the runways and taxiways. We have completed a federal grant to update the Airport Master Plan and have applied for an FAA grant to conduct a pavement analysis and update the DBE Plan. We continue to seek federal grants for capital improvement programs here at the Danbury Municipal Airport.

The objective of this project is to analyze the approach to runway 26 to determine the location of obstructions in the approach and recommend an action plan. The project will also analyze the approach to runway 8 for the possibility of implementing an LPV procedure. A review of all the current leases will also be included which will provide the City with recommendations for revisions to the leases and will determine the fair value of the leases. In addition, the project will prepare releases for three parcels on airport property to bring the airport into compliance with Part 139 standards. The Exhibit A property map and the Airport Layout Plan will also be updated to reflect the determination of revisions to the two approaches and will include the release of airport property.

Estimated Total Cost: $350,000

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is funding 100% of the project.