Colleen M. LaHood
Address: 155 Deer Hill Avenue
Danbury, CT 06810
Telephone: 203-797-4556

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About Us:

The Assessor’s Office has the responsibility of accurately assessing every property (exempt and non-exempt) located in the City of Danbury and compiling these assessments into a “Grand List” which includes real estate, business personal property and registered motor vehicles. The Tax Assessor’s duties and responsibilities are guided by the State of Connecticut General Statutes and the City of Danbury Ordinances.  The State also mandates that revaluations are conducted every five (5) years.  Information for the last revaluation completed for the October 1, 2012 Grand List is available online at 

The City administers several programs to help reduce the property tax burdens especially for our seniors and veterans. In addition to accurately assessing the City properties, the Assessor’s Office’s is also committed to assisting taxpayers in understanding the assessment on their properties.  They guide seniors, veterans and the public through the exemptions/benefits which may be available to them.  The filing period for our senior programs is from February 1st through May 15th while the filing period for our veteran programs is from February 1st through October 1st each year. 

Furthermore, many professionals such as appraisers, surveyors and title searchers, require information from our office, such as map numbers, deed numbers and current assessments to conduct their business.  If taxpayers have any questions on their new assessments, please call or stop in our office. The Assessor’s Office will also make house calls for any senior who is unable to come to City Hall.   

Our Accomplishments:

The City of Danbury hired a firm to conduct annual personal property audits for businesses within the City.  The process will help make business owners aware of the various types of assets required by the Assessor’s Office to be declared as personal property and to ensure a more updated grand list.